Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sutliff PS Metropolitain

Tin Notes:
Today the cultural inheritance of Paris can be admired in its museums, art galleries, architecture and cuisine. Especially the cuisines, for the French seem to have an appreciation for sweet tasting things. This delicious blend of Golden Virginia, Rich Burley and Black Cavendish is a smoke to delight the palate.

     Strength: Mild
        Flavor: Mild
          Taste: Very Mild
Room Note: Pleasant

The tin note has the aroma of cognac. The charring light released the flavor of the cognac right from the start. On the true light the vanilla flavor of the Black Cavendish made it's presence known. The sweetness of  Virginia became evident at the first third of the bowl. The flavor remained consistent from that point. The tobacco burned well with minimal re-lights and had no tongue bite. This aromatic that would be a good starting point for a beginning smoker.

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