Friday, October 25, 2013

Mac Baren Bell's Three Nuns

Tin Notes:
A blend of dark fired and sun cured tobaccos mixed with the finest Brazilian Lights to produce the unique flavour and mellow smoking characteristics for which Three Nuns is famous.

     Strength: Medium - Strong
        Flavor: Medium
          Taste: Medium
Room Note: Pleasant to Tolerable

The tin note was of spiced figs. On the charring and true lights the sweetness and tanginess of the Virginias were the predominate flavors. Less than one third of the bowl the spice of the Dark Fired Kentucky joined in the mix. I tried packing my pipes two different ways. First what I consider to be my normal packing the 3 Step Method* and secondly a loose pack. The first packing method the tobacco burned hot and the spice was boardline overpowering. The using the second method the tobacco burned much cooler and the spice was perfect. My recommendation would be to pack this blend loose and often. I recommend this blend highly.

* The Step 3 Method
Start by gravity-feeding the pipe to overflowing (sprinkle loose tobacco into the chamber until it mounds up over the top). Next, press the tobacco down until it’s compressed down to about the halfway point. Repeat the gravity-feed and pack to tobacco down to the 2/3rds to ¾ level. Repeat the gravity-feed and pack the tobacco down until it’s just below the rim of the chamber. At this point, take a draw on the stem. If the draw has a similar resistance to sucking soda through a straw, you’ve done it properly. If it feels like an empty straw, you’ve packed too loosely; if it’s like a thick shake, it’s packed too tight.

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