Monday, March 10, 2014

Hearth & Home Signature Marble Kake

Tin Notes:
We have wanted to produce our own Virginia-based flake or Krumble Kake, and the result is Marble Kake. A firmly-pressed blend of Bright and Red Virginias, it comes as a solid piece which can be broken or sliced and rubbed-out, and the flavor changes depending upon how you prepare it. One of our knowledgeable Virginia fans has compared it to Hamborger Veermaster as a smooth, but tasty Virginia blend.

     Strength: Medium
        Flavor: Mild
         Taste: Medium
Room Note: Pleasant

The tin note was a combination of natural tobaccos. The red Virginia and golden Virginia aromas meld together into a wonderful scent. When I first opened tin the moisture level was fine. So I loaded up a bowl and went to town. There was an extreme tartness bordering on bitterness. So jarred it up and let it sit for a week. This made a tremendous difference. The jar note was now of a more mature Virginia. I know that a week is not that much time, but it did make a big difference. On the charring light and the true light there was now mild tangy citrus flavor. about a quarter of the way into the bowl a sweet grassy flavor was added to the profile. Marble Kake burned well with no re-lights. I recommend Marble Kake with the caveat on letting it rest in a mason jar for a little while.

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