Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sutliff PS Taste of Spring

Tin Notes:
It is near magic when the first warm days of spring bring to life winter’s hibernating buds. The bleak harshness of a seemingly endless winter has been replaced with a revival of life. This Aromatic Mixture of Sweet Fragrant Virginia and Burley is perfect for celebrating the arrival of spring.

      Strength: Mild
         Flavor: Mild
          Taste: Mild to Medium
Room Note: Pleasant

The tin note was of honey and the aroma of the Burley. The tobacco's moisture was fine right out of the tin, no drying was needed. On the charring light the flavor was of the honey. On the true light a mild nuttiness was added by the Burley. At a quarter of the way through the bowl a light sweet grassy flavor was added into the flavor profile by the Virginias. Taste of Spring burned cool with no relights or bite. This blend may very well by your next all day smoke.

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