Tuesday, February 17, 2015

PCCA Hairy Larry from 1997

Tin Notes: Hairy Larry a stoved, full Latakia mixture. Rich tobacco for heavy relaxing. The finest Virginias and Cyprian and Syrian Latakia stoved together for added richness. Larry's favorite.

Strength: Medium
   Flavor: Medium
    Taste: Medium

The tin note was the rich smell of the Stoved Virginia. On the charring light and true light the Citrus and tangy flavor of the Virginians was the predominate flavor. I assume that over the years of aging the Cyprian and Syrian Latakia mellowed quite a bit. Not having the pleasure of smoking the blend back in 1997 I could say how much they did mellow, but now they were minor players in the flavor profile. Hairy Larry smoke well and down to a light gray ash with no dottle. I would highly recommend this blend, but I do not think that it can be easily found.

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