Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Standard Tobacco Company of Pennsylvania John Cotton's No 1 Mild

Blend Notes: An Orientals-forward blend with Latakia added as a condiment. While the Latakia is noticeable, the combination of bright and red Virginias and a variety of fragrant Orientals produces a harmonious whole with the different elements weaving their way in and out of the flavor profile. This can easily be enjoyed all day long

     Strength: Mild
        Flavor: None
         Taste: Medium
Room Note: Pleasant

The tin note was of peat and cedar from the Orientals. The blend was ready to smoke right from the package no drying needed. On the charring light and the true light the cedar from Orientals was the prominent flavor. Next the citrus and tanginess of the Virginias joined the flavor profile. The Latakia is a minor player in the flavor profile, but present throughout the bowl. John Cotton's No 1 Mild burned cool and well with no relights. This blend would be great for a first foray into Latakia blends. It would also make an excellent all day smoke.

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