Friday, November 1, 2013

Sutliff PS Bacchanalia

Tin Notes:
If ever there should be a blend worthy of the Roman God of Wine that blend is Bacchanalia. In consensus among wine connoisseurs and smokers alike, this fine Burley and Virginia blend is worthy of lasting admiration

     Strength: Mild
        Flavor: Medium
          Taste: Medium
Room Note: Pleasant

The tin note was of sweet red wine. The tobacco did not require any drying time. On the charring light and the true light the flavor of the red wine came to the front. After a few more puffs the Virginias released some citrus flavors into the mix. At half way through the bowl there was a hint of nuttiness from the Burley. At this point the blend's flavor stayed consistent.The blend burned cool and stayed lit well. The great red wine flavor stayed in the front throughout the bowl. I would recommend this blend to any aromatic smoker.

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