Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sutliff PS South Seas

Tin Notes:
A tropical paradise awaits you, no matter which South Sea vacation you decide to choose. This much is constant, cool breezes, balmy weather, churning surf, the salt spray of ocean air, and of course, sandy beaches. Allow yourself the luxury of briefly escaping to paradise with this delicious mixture of Virginia and Rich Burley, sweetened with tropical fruit.

     Strength: Mild to Medium
        Flavor: Medium
          Taste: Medium
Room Note: Pleasant

The tin note was of sweat tropical fruit. I could not discern the exact fruit but it was delightful. On the charring and true light tropical fruit was the dominate flavor. Shortly after the sweet hay flavor from the Virginias was added to the flavor. As for the Burley I did not sense the nuttiness that it usually releases. South Seas burned cool and all the way to the bottom of the bowl without relights. If you are looking for a taste of the Tropics this is the blend for you.

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