Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sutliff PS Lord of the Manor

Tin Notes:

The term Lord of the Manor dates backs to medieval English feudalism. In more modern terminology it is used for land registry. It is indeed quirky how terminology changes over time. A case in point, all blends made under British Tobacco Purity Laws were known as English Blends, whether or not they contained any Latakia. You can rest assured that this English Mixture has an abundance of Latakia along with Burley, Virginia, Perique and Smyrna.

       Strength: Medium
          Flavor: None detected
            Taste: Medium
  Room Note: Tolerable

The tin note was of the smokey Latakia. The tobacco was ready to smoke right out of the tin, no drying time needed. On the charring light the Latakia made its presents know. On the true light the spices of the Smyrna and Perique came into play. About a quarter of the way into the bowl a tangy citrus flavor from the Virginia joined the flavor profile along with a faint nuttiness from the Burley. Lord of the Manor burned cool and well leaving a gray ash with no dottle. Be warned this is definitely a Latakia forward blend. That being said it is a great English that I would recommend.

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