Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sutliff PS Old San Francisco

Tin Notes:
The California Gold Rush quickly transformed San Francisco from a small town to a booming metropolitan center of 25,000 by December 1849. Enterprising businessmen were quick to capitalize on the newly generated wealth. It was during this economic boom when Henry Sutliff opened the first of his shops. Sutliff quality tobaccos remain among the best with this complex English Mixture comprised of Virginia, Perique, Dark Fired Burley and Latakia.

       Strength: Medium
          Flavor: Mild
           Taste: Medium
  Room Note: Tolerable

The tin note was the rich aroma of the Dark Fired Burley and Virginia. The tobacco was ready to smoke directly from the tin, no drying time was needed. On the charring light the smokey flavor of the Latakia was the predominate flavor, On the true light the coca and nutty flavor of the Dark Fired Burley became the predominate flavor and the Latakia faded to more of a condiment. A quarter of the into the bowl the sweet hay flavor of the Virginia joined the flavor profile. The spice of the Perique floated in and out of the of the flavor during the entire bowl, Old San Francisco burned cool and well. Another fine English blend from our friends at Sutliff.

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