Monday, September 30, 2013

Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian

Tin Notes:
The HH Vintage Syrian is not really new. Actually, the inspiration for the recipe originates back from the start of Mac Baren Tobacco, more than 120 years ago. This blend is typical for that time, and it is easy to describe as a “back to nature” tobacco. The taste of the HH Vintage Syrian Latakia comes from the full and rich natural flavours of the tobacco.
The basic ingredient of the blend is a smooth and yet powerful Latakia from Syria. This tobacco gives the blend the overall “smoky” taste. It is a powerful flavour with no tongue bite whatsoever. To add a spicy note to the blend, Turkish Oriental has been added. A mix of Virginia tobaccos from three different continents adds a sweet natural taste. To complete the recipe with depth and body, we added a little Dark Fired Kentucky from the USA.
The HH Vintage Syrian Latakia is a loose cut tobacco, which guarantees a smooth and steady burn. It does not get hot which means you will find extremely little bite on your tongue. When you empty your pipe after smoking, you will find only fine grey ashes left over from this wonderful slow and dry smoke.

     Strength: Medium
        Flavor: Medium
          Taste: Medium
Room Note: Tolerable

The tin note was earthy and smoky. This is a Latakia forward blend. Right from the charring light the Latakia made its presence known. The rich smoky flavor came right to the front. Which was not surprising based on the tin note. On  the true light the Turkish Orientals joined the party as well.  After the first third of the bowl the Dark Fired Kentucky was added to the flavor. The Earthy and smoky flavors were still the dominate factor to the end of the bowl. Even once the bowl was done I could still taste the Latakia. The tobacco burned well and produced a light gray ash. I had almost no relights. I will definitely be smoking more this tobacco. I highly recommend this blend to any who is looking for an English blend with Latakia forward.

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