Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mac Baren Virginia No. 1 Ready Rubbed

Tin Notes:
Virginia No. 1 is a real Mac Baren classic which was introduced in 1957. Ever since this blend has found fans all over the world due to the sweet natural taste of Virginia tobaccos with just a hint of flavour on top.
Virginia No. 1 is composed of 100% bright Virginia tobaccos from 3 continents. All together the Virginia No. 1 contains 12 different Virginia leaf tobaccos, each with its very own properties. In combination the different leaves marry together in a perfect and natural unity.
This is a Ready Rubbed tobacco which means that the tobaccos are pressed into big blocks of tobacco and then stored under pressure for weeks. Finally the blocks are cut into slices and partly rubbed out.
If you fill your pipe with Virginia No. 1, just as you find it in the pouch or tin, you will experience a slow burning tobacco with a natural sweet Virginia taste.

     Strength: Mild to Medium
        Flavor: Mild
          Taste: Mild to Medium
Room Note: Pleasant

The tin note was of fresh mowed hay. The tobacco needed to be dried for a short amount of time before smoking. On the charring light the flavor was of hay and honey. On the true light the sweetness of the blend came out even more. Having only Virginias in the blend one might think that it would have only a one note in flavor. But with the use of multiple types of Virginias there is a symphony of flavor. Sweetness, Tartness, and Woodsy just to mention a few. The tobacco burned well and I had almost no relights. This tobacco is like a single malt scotch it is meant to be sipped slowly.

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