Monday, September 16, 2013

Mac Baren Navy Flake

Tin Notes:
From the moment Navy Flake first appeared on tobacconists’ shelves, pipe smokers everywhere have shown their appreciation of this mixture. There are many reasons why Navy Flake has become a true Mac Baren classic since then. When Navy Flake was developed in 1965, much work went into the composition of the raw tobaccos. Selections of Burley tobacco were made from our extensive stocks and after countless tests the right Burley content was found. Similarly, tests were then carried out on Virginia tobacco. Different qualities of Virginia tobacco were selected and test smoked. Finally, a handful of these were selected for inclusion in the blend. Once the right basic tobaccos had been found, a final important element was added to the mixture: a small measure of original Mac Baren Cavendish was added, and it is this which gives Navy Flake its full body.

     Strength: Medium
        Flavor: Mild
          Taste: Medium
Room Note: Very Pleasant

Upon opening the tin I was hit with an amazing aroma that seamed to be a mixture of all the ingredients. No one ingredient stood out above the other, but melded into a single scent. On the charring light the tobacco responded well to the flame still no one flavor out shined the other. On the true light the Burley did seem to come to the front slightly. This tobacco smoked smooth and cool. Not a single relight after the true light on all four bowls that I smoked. I would highly recommend this tobacco.

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